A DIY That’s So Easy It’s Stupid.




Sometimes you have a million photos to edit, errands to run, blog posts to write, and a list of home improvement items that will make your head explode.


So you say F**K IT and make something cute. Making cute stuff is my new boyfriend.


This DIY is so easy it’s stupid. Ready?


First, go to your local Target. Flip through the bathing suits while frowning. On your way to the outdoor/patio department, put several things in your cart that you definitely don’t need. Don’t worry, you’ll probably shove half of them onto a random shelf just before you reach the register. Once you’re in the outdoor section, grab a couple of these mini concrete planters and/or these ceramic planters. Pick up a macrame hanger, too, not because it has anything to do with this DIY, but because it’s cool and you can’t beat the price ($6.99!). If you don’t have a pencil with an eraser and a fine-tip sharpie at home, grab those on your way out, too. I tried a few different paint pens, but the fine-tip sharpie worked best. Try to leave Target without spending a hundred dollars. Good luck!




Sketch your pattern onto the planter with a pencil. If you don’t like what you see, erase and start over. I was going for a hand drawn look, but feel free to use a stencil if you prefer.




Once you’re happy with your sketch, trace over it with your sharpie. Add succulents, cacti, or herbs to your planters.




Now stare lovingly upon your new works of art, like you would stare upon Jared Leto’s hair. Focus on how your life feels slightly less empty than it did before.







Optional: Knock over one of your cacti with the back of your hand and spend the next twenty minutes tweezing spines out of your skin.



Whoops! Don’t worry, the cactus is fine (but you should see the other guy).




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2 Responses to A DIY That’s So Easy It’s Stupid.

  1. Alanna says:

    Super cute little planters… but where did you get that amazing wall lamp??

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