Dry Shampoo, I Love You.




I typically wash my hair no more than twice per week to help stretch the time between colorings and to avoid drying out my hair. For years, I’ve been using dry shampoo on my no-wash days and I love it! Dry shampoo not only keeps my locks looking fresh in between washes, but also adds fullness and texture to my hair. And lets be real, sometimes I stretch my washings a little too long and dry shampoo saves me on the days that I don’t have time to wash, dry, and style my hair.


Last year I wrote about a few of my favorite natural and cruelty-free beauty products, one of which was Lulu Organics Hair Powder. I still love the stuff, but it’s quite expensive. When I looked at its minimal list of ingredients, I thought I’d try making it myself. Turns out, it’s super easy and inexpensive, so I thought I’d share the “recipe” with you!






1.  2 tbsp baking soda
2.  1/2 cup corn starch
3.  2-3 drops of essential oil or perfume
4.  2-3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (for brunettes)
5.  2-3 tbsp cinnamon (for redheads)


Combine ½ cup of corn starch with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Add a few drops of essential oil or a spritz of your favorite perfume (I used Nirvana White which smells divine). If you have light hair, you’re done! For brunettes, add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to darken. For gingers, add a few tablespoons of cinnamon to redden.


Store the dry shampoo in a pretty glass bottle or an old spice jar. To use, sprinkle a little powder into the palm of your hands and work it into your roots. Or, keep the dry shampoo in a shallow dish and use a makeup brush to dab it directly onto your roots.




Are you sold? Are you making this yet? Hurry!



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