Our trip to Spain! Part One.


The end of Summer was a reeeeal doozy. Our house fell victim to the severe storms that hit the Detroit area on August 11th. About two feet of sewage rose up from our drains, flooded our furnished basement, and ruined just about everything we had down there. And guys, believe me when I tell you, we had a lot of stuff down there. Some very lovely vintage furniture, irreplaceable family heirlooms, expensive electronics, linens, tools, books, records. Our furnace broke. Our hot water heater broke. All of my trolls from the 1980’s drowned in poop water. It was terribly depressing. Even more depressing – our homeowner’s insurance covered zero of the damage. Did you know that there is a very specific, very SEPARATE rider one must purchase for such sewage nonsense? I became aware of it the day after the storm. My conversation with our insurance agent went a leeeetle bit Robbie Hart.

And so, for the last two months, we’ve been cleaning and rebuilding the basement. It hasn’t been fun. OR CHEAP. All caps on that one because it is the truth.

But this is a post about Spain.


I am undecided if this was the worst timed vacation or the best. Nothing like a momentous trip abroad in which languages must be practiced and itineraries must be organized nestled right in the middle of a personal crisis to really activate your stress receptors and show you what you’re made of. But then again, riding a horse to the top of a mountain with a view of Barcelona that is like shuuuuut uuuuup kinda makes you extra grateful to the experience when you’re coming off a month of chaos, I suppose. I highly recommend it. And also don’t. You feel me.


I’ll be back soon with a big ol’ post about what we did, what we saw, and where we stayed. It was nothing short of spectacular, and I’m already beginning to over-romanticize it. I’m looking forward to it. You too? Thought so.

What else… Ah yes, the bathroom makeover plan is still on the books, thank you for asking. In fact, the water softener is installed and working great ( check out this exclusive review) and  I finished caulking and spackling all the things this week. And it only took four months! I hope to have a coat of primer on the walls by… Easter? I kid, I kid (no I don’t). First order of business is to finish up my Classy Broad from Outer Space costume for Theatre Bizarre. But after that, paint. Probably.

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Happy Halloweentober!


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