Look at My Cute Friends.

Posted on April 24, 2015




These are my friends, Dennis and Lauren. They recently became engaged and asked me to shoot some photos of them. I was like “Me?! I’m so flattered!” and they were like “Yeah, cuz you’re free”.


Here are a few of my favorite shots of them cuddling, laughing, flaunting their adorable faces, and basically making all other couples look like moldy dog food.




Find me a person who doesn’t love an American Gothic parody and I will challenge that person to a duel.




Dennis: “I could hold you forever.”

Lauren: “I’m bored.”




Everybody calm down!




“Look at our plants and flannel shirts! Aren’t we a delight?”




Lauren: “My love for you is eternal.”

Dennis: “I’m bored.”


Happy engagement, Dennis and Lauren! I love you both SO MUCH and can’t wait to celebrate your marriage! Please don’t sit me at a loser table, ok?



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Marche Du Nain Rouge 2015

Posted on April 15, 2015




A few weeks ago, I photographed the Marche Du Nain Rouge in Detroit. I had the best time wandering amongst the energized mass of costumed revelers, drag queens, marching bands, and chariots who tracked south down Second Avenue in an effort to chase the evil red dwarf out of the city.


The event is best described in its Facebook bio:


The Marche du Nain Rouge has its roots in Detroit’s early history, when Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded Detroit and was confronted by the Nain Rouge. He purportedly hit the Nain Rouge with his cane and became cursed for life. Since then, the Nain Rouge has been spotted throughout Detroit’s history, usual at the city’s most notorious occurrences.

“The idea with the Marche was to tap into Detroit’s rich history and use the Nain Rouge story as a way for Detroiters to come together in common purpose,” said Francis Grunow, co-creator of the Marche. “Of course it’s supposed to be silly and fun, but it’s also supposed to be positive and meaningful.”

The event was reignited in 2010 when 400 Detroiters gathered to continue a lost tradition – to march the Nain Rouge out of Detroit on the Spring Equinox. The carnival-esque festival calls for all Detroiters to don costumes that mask themselves in front of the Nain Rouge and represent the effigy they want to shed.


Here are a few of my photos.


















Until next year!





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A DIY That’s So Easy It’s Stupid.

Posted on April 2, 2015




Sometimes you have a million photos to edit, errands to run, blog posts to write, and a list of home improvement items that will make your head explode.


So you say F**K IT and make something cute. Making cute stuff is my new boyfriend.


This DIY is so easy it’s stupid. Ready?


First, go to your local Target. Flip through the bathing suits while frowning. On your way to the outdoor/patio department, put several things in your cart that you definitely don’t need. Don’t worry, you’ll probably shove half of them onto a random shelf just before you reach the register. Once you’re in the outdoor section, grab a couple of these mini concrete planters and/or these ceramic planters. Pick up a macrame hanger, too, not because it has anything to do with this DIY, but because it’s cool and you can’t beat the price ($6.99!). If you don’t have a pencil with an eraser and a fine-tip sharpie at home, grab those on your way out, too. I tried a few different paint pens, but the fine-tip sharpie worked best. Try to leave Target without spending a hundred dollars. Good luck!




Sketch your pattern onto the planter with a pencil. If you don’t like what you see, erase and start over. I was going for a hand drawn look, but feel free to use a stencil if you prefer.




Once you’re happy with your sketch, trace over it with your sharpie. Add succulents, cacti, or herbs to your planters.




Now stare lovingly upon your new works of art, like you would stare upon Jared Leto’s hair. Focus on how your life feels slightly less empty than it did before.







Optional: Knock over one of your cacti with the back of your hand and spend the next twenty minutes tweezing spines out of your skin.



Whoops! Don’t worry, the cactus is fine (but you should see the other guy).




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Last Call for Etsy Orders!

Posted on December 17, 2014




Hey! People of my blog! Tomorrow, December 18th, is the last day to order from my Etsy shop for guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve (U.S. only). 


All orders to the U.S. ship for FREE!


Thank you so much for scooping up all my dream catchers! I plan to make a few more after the holidays.  xoxo



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Halloween, 2014

Posted on November 16, 2014




You guys know I’m into Halloween. I’ve waxed poetic about Theatre Bizarre. I’ve blathered on about my annual Halloween party and my dorky Luna Lovegood Costume. These images of Eleanor Rigby dressed as a sexy devil porn star, I have laid bare.




Please, no slut shaming. She’s been listening to a lot of Katy Perry and we’re hoping it’s just a phase.


So let’s just get to the meat of this post, shall we?


This Halloween I dressed as a ‘classy broad from outer space raising her alien baby alone while waitressing at a space wine bar to put herself through college.’


As you do.




She’s a feminist minded extraterrestrial, who dreams of working her way to the upper crust of space society. But she does it all for her Glirk. The baby, after all, is her own flesh and blerve.




Perhaps I am getting carried away.


Want to create your own Classy Broad From Outerspace costume? Here’s how!


For the helmet, I used a 14″ acrylic outdoor lamp shade. With a dremel, I cut the base large enough for my head to squeeze through and added a few air holes. For the antennae, I attached wire pot scrubbers (from the dollar store) to the ends of a couple threaded rods. For the jet pack, I wired two galvanized pipe fittings together and added 2-liter bottles, spray painted silver, to the tops. I added some knobs and dials to the front and clipped on book lights from the dollar store for added space-age-iness. For the alien baby, I carved the head out of styrofoam, layered on some paper mache, and added a few coats of paint. By the way, Martha makes the perfect alien-green paint color (of course she does).




A few photos from Theatre Bizarre




Somehow, the Theatre Bizarre crew outdid themselves again. The artistry, imagination, and talent injected into this event is bonkers. If you’re not attending Theatre Bizarre every year, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. I’m sorry to yell, but it is the truth.


Over Halloween weekend, my friend Mish and I hosted our annual costume party at a new venue – Corktown Tavern in Detroit. The turnout was huge. Everyone danced, drank, thrillered, and time warped. I had the best time.


And now! Partially-focused Halloween photo dump in yo face! Blame the under-lit bar. Or the booze.





Only 349 days until Halloween!




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