Tiloveski’s Take Europe: Un Petit Film





Recently, Mike D and I traveled to London for a few days and then took a train over to Paris. The trip was incredible. Food! Wine! Art! Architecture! Crepes! It was a complete sensory overload in the best way possible. Consider me awestruck.


I brought three cameras with me (not including my iphone), so I’ll be back with more photos soon. In the meantime, I put together a video of all the little moments I captured during our trip. The song is so great, right? I’ve had it in my head for days now. Although I must say, Mike D campaigned really hard for this song.



If you’d like to see more instagrams of our trip, you can search for the hashtag #tiloveskistakeeurope. I’m so glad we created a unique hashtag for the trip. Since we’ve been back, I’ve looked at those photos about a million times already. So many great memories!

Psst!  For those of you have have asked about the name Tiloveski, it’s the couple uni-name I imposed upon Mike D and I (Tilley + Darowski + Love thrown in for funsies = Tiloveski).  So basically we’re like Brangelina, except waaaaay better looking.


Au revoir!



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One Response to Tiloveski’s Take Europe: Un Petit Film

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome job on this video Mrs Tiloveski. I enjoyed it and the things that you captured. Love the pics of Bowie.

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