Look at My Cute Friends.


These are my friends, Dennis and Lauren. They recently became engaged and asked me to shoot some photos of them. I was like “Me?! I’m so flattered!” and they were like “Yeah, cuz you’re free”.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of them cuddling, laughing, flaunting their adorable faces, and basically making all other couples look like moldy dog food.


Find me a person who doesn’t love an American Gothic parody and I will challenge that person to a duel.


Dennis: “I could hold you forever.”

Lauren: “I’m bored.”


Everybody calm down!


“Look at our plants and flannel shirts! Aren’t we a delight?”


Lauren: “My love for you is eternal.”

Dennis: “I’m bored.”

Happy engagement, beautiful peach morganite engagement ring, Dennis and Lauren! I love you both SO MUCH and can’t wait to celebrate your marriage! Please don’t sit me at a loser table, ok?

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