Grandma Was a Hussy



I caught the sick over the holidays. Bronchitis, to be exact. The sore throat, no voice, coughing every 5 seconds, laid up on the sofa, too tired to even walk over to my computer, kind of sick.


For days.


Luckily, I had myself a Mike D who responded to my dramatic text messages by keeping me supplied with a steady stream of food, meds, and fresh brewed tea. And a little fur-beast by the name of Celia who never tires of cuddling. Cuddling helps the healing, I swear.




Over the last week or so, while languishing in my unhealth, I found my thoughts turning sappy. Maybe it was the fever induced delirium, or the fact that I watched Home Alone, A Christmas Carol, A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Edward Scissorhands, ALL ON CHRISTMAS DAY.  Or maybe the holidays just do that to you, I don’t know.


I thought back to the years when my Grandma Jean was still around and how much I miss her during the holidays. She was an incredibly kind and loving grandmother, but also funny, artistic, and quite the spitfire. Some of my fondest memories are of her narrating stories made up off the top of her head and sketching out illustrations before me as the stories unfolded. She was hilarious, and we laughed a ton.



Feeling nostalgic, I began pouring over old photographs that once belonged to my grandmother. I thought I’d share these charming old photographs my grandmother Jean sent to my grandfather Fred while he was away in the Korean war. He left for war only a few months after they were married. They’re quite flirty. She was known for captioning the back of her photographs, so I’ve included those after each photograph as well.


Prepare yourself for straight up adorableness.




Seriously, wasn’t she the cutest?


Shorty before she passed away, she handed down these photographs to me. I have a ton of other old photos from her as well, dating all the way back to when my great grandmother was a baby in the early 1900’s. They are AMAZING and I’ll always treasure them.


Thanks for looking and (putting up with my mush-fest).


Excuse me now, while I go lay down.  *cough, cough*



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